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Shaun Leong
Co-Founder of The Hey Co.

With over 6 years of experience in Business and Leadership under his belt, Shaun is a force to be reckoned with, in the Food & Beverage industry.  With Shaun’s leadership and management skills, the brands under his management have grown steadily over the years and become a household name in the industry. 

His experience has provided him extensive knowledge in restaurant operations, and meticulousness in relationship building amongst customers. Being a forward thinker, Shaun already has many exciting future plans in sight for the brands. He is also constantly on the lookout to upgrade his skills, as well as knowledge to keep up with the fast moving industry.

Never giving up on what he believes in, Shaun believes that with determination and hard work, nothing is impossible.

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Being brought up from a close-knitted family who raises chickens for a living, Joanne understands the importance of an authentic relationship between human and food better than most.

She is well versed in marketing and hospitality, having experience in her previous advertising agency and in her family business. She is always on the lookout for ways to improve the customers’ experience before anything else. Her belief in good customer service really shines through what she does for the brands under her management, with the customer’s well-being and enjoyment as priority.

With a bubbly and warm personality like Joanne’s, she is able to make customers feel comfortable and at home. Her motto: “Awesome experience, happy customers.”

Joanne Toh
Co-Founder of The Hey Co.

4Es - The reason for THC’s Vision
Our energy takes root from within. Our greatness takes root when we are at joy. We are more likely to do good and make others feel great when we are at a state of jubilance. Feel it, reflect it and receive it back tenfolds.

Be sensitive, regardless if you’re on the giving or receiving end of education. Remain thoughtful and mindful of the knowledge shared or received. Be real, generous and sensitive when sharing knowledge, for power lies within knowledge is that accurately shared. Show gratitude when receiving knowledge, for gratitude begets abundance. Starting with ‘Why?’ is also a strategy that’s tested and proven. Go ahead, open up and share your failures to help your team grow. This is your safe haven.



We are in for the long distance. Take action first, and bear in mind that each action that you take will inevitably affect the other team mate. Like how a bunch of chopsticks is harder to break than a pair; alone, you are independent. But

together, you are interdependent.

Simply put, stay calm, thoughtful and mindful at all times. When disagreed, listen first. When attacked, think and respond calmly. Address the situation logically and directly, target the root of the problem, not the person.